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Shuai jiao martial arts, physical fitness, personal. One example of this is when metal weapons were invented, shuaichiao had to adapt its system to combat the weapons or it would be useless. Learn authentic chinese fighting arts at shaolin kung fu. Competitors for shuai jiao must be a minimum of 18 years of age at the time of competition. Yang demonstrates practical defense techniques, with an emphasis on how to safely intercept, repel, and neutralize. Some use it extensively, as i do and others hardly at all. Shuai jiao is a practical and realistic fighting art, since the practice match is essentially the same as actual combat. For centuries, fighters in china have valued this art. This practical and devastatingly efficient method of combat has evolved into a sophisticated and effective no nonsense system of martial arts. Seriously those guys all love that throw i dont know why. Today it is practiced as a martial arts discipline, an excellent form of selfdefense, and a modern martial arts sport. Shuai jiao is commonly used for short range fighting and taking down an opponent. Weng demonstrates each technique, form and throw at real combat speed first, and then breaks them down into clear. Shuai chiao kungfu is one of the oldest styles of kungfu, tracing its roots back over 3000 years.

Shuai jiao is the term pertaining to the ancient jacket wrestling wushu style of beijing, tianjin. Volume 3 by master david lin locks include the following 5 major categories. Also unlike judo or bjj but like sambo, sometimes they really emphasize trying to stay standing after throwing your opponent even in competition. With slight modifications the same system is used today by the united states shuaichiao association. Many kung fu styles, while evolving, incorporated shuaichiao techniques into their system. While push hands and shuai jiao, like any form of grappling, are excellent ways to introduce fighting, they are not by themselves enough to prepare students for combat. Chinese martial arts shuai jiao association examining list of ranking promotion a. Does the chinese shuai jiao teach breakfalls similar to. However as someone who has studied chinese martial arts for a long time i will say that there are huge cultural problems with chinese deference to elders and teachers which are completely counter productive to efficient learning of ma. History of shuai jiao traditional wing chun kungfu north. Like all of the combat conditioning exercises, photos are.

Acsca stands for american combat shuaichiao association martial arts. I have heard of some shuaijiao clubs in beijing who cross train and compete in wrestling but not judo though. Fundamentals of shuai chiao, the ancient chinese fighting art. Shuai chiao is the ancient chinese art of takedowns and throws. San shou kuai jiao fast wrestling for fighting is the chinese martial art of throws and takedowns. Shuai jiao heroes 2016 2nd round 2nd game men 72kg beijing duration. Shuaichiao, like wrestling styles popular in other cultures, evolved from the crude fighting tactics of our ancestors into a very advanced form of martial art. It sometimes also refers to modern chinese and mongolian wrestling. Shuai chiao has no sutemi waza or sacrifice throws.

Its techniques are the culmination of tested grappling experience in the best environment the battlefield. Martial arts training class shuai jiao martial arts. These differences are shuai jiaos distinctive characteristics. Daniel chihsiu weng, a pupil of the renowned shuai chiao grandmaster chang tungsheng, as he shows you everything you need to know to get a black belt in this venerated fighting style.

A was founded by grandmaster chang tung sheng the flying butterfly in 1982 to spread the combat effectiveness of shuai chiao to the world as the most effective combat style in chinese martial arts. There are shuai jiao two person exercises that look similar to judo. The differences between san shou shuai jiao and other. Shuaichiao is the term pertaining to the ancient jacket wrestling wushu style of beijing, tianjin and baoding of hebei province in the north china plain which was codified by shan pu ying the battalion of excellency in catching of the nei wu fu, internal administration unit of imperial. Traditional shuai jiao bears a resemblance to mongolian wrestling and. Shuai jiao kung fu wrestling, defense techniques by dr.

The shuaijiao, one sublime combination of all the combat techniques, one super science of the mechanism. United states shuaichiao association we are a us based. Its combat effectiveness has been proven many times over. Although shuai jiao shares some similarities with traditional wrestling and other arts, from a technical point of view, shuai jiaos technique construction, basic principles, applications and purposes are quite different from the rest. Master lin returns once again in volume 2 of the combat shuai chiao video series to share new insights into the world of combat shuaichiao. Yang, jwingming offers indepth instruction of the history, key concepts, solo and partner drills, and fundamental shuai jiao movements. Our intent is to help propagate this art and its combat effectiveness as a complete fighting system. Together, shuai jiao and chin na extend self defense beyond strikes and blocks. Id be more interested if shuaijiao has been able to influence the judo style in china as sambo has done for judo in russia. Shuaijiao manual zhonghua xin wushu, the first serious effort made to codify.

Shuai jiao is the term pertaining to the ancient jacket wrestling wushu style of beijing, tianjin and baoding of hebei province in the north china plain whic. Lin gravitated toward throwing techniques and found himself yearning for shuai chiao training to bolster his fighting skill. Shuai jiao relies on highly developed sensitivity, the redirecting of an incoming force, and unbalancing tactics to apply throwing techniques. It bring the speed, the time, the force and the angle to their higher level, applying taken, levers, blows, to the convenience to project. The international shuai jiao martial arts association coach guanda he center the international shuaijiao martial arts association is a worldwide collaborative charitable and educational nonprofit group that facilitates communication and cooperation between organizations who share our passion to promote shuaijiao and other various martial arts. Suffocation techniques this is an important aspect of combat shuai chiao training and theory. Grandmaster chang tung sheng established a shuai chiao belt ranking system with standardized requirements over thirty years ago. Shuai jiao is an ancient battle proven method of wrestling martial arts that has withstood the test of time for its practicality, time honored sportsmanship and spectacular entertainment. Shuai chiao is the ancient chinese art of take downs and throws. Jie bai combat shuai chiao mission is to help preserve and grow the art of shuai chiao into the future.

In the 1990s he began studying with the premier shuai jiao master li bao ru, and was introduced to the true essence of chinese wrestling. Worldwide mma is a modern mixed martial art within asian martial art shuai jiao principle, but actually it is evident that the fundamental grappling or throwing techniques was rooted from the origin of chinese mixed kung fu systems, but without containing western boxing technique. Any version of sparring that does not include the risk of getting punched in the face will not adequately prepare students mentally or physically for combat. Shuai jiao is a chinese martial art, which combines grappling and striking. Principles, analysis, and application of effortless combat throws. Shuai jiao also has an emphasis in self defense and promoting students to a stronger and healthier body. Texas combat shuai chiao association home facebook.

He has been studying martial arts since age 3 in various styles but found his love in hung. But with tons of sasaetsurikomiashi foot prop throw whatever they call it in shuai jiao, i cant remember. This ancient art has been around for over 5000 years. Each match consists of two rounds lasting three minutes running time each two minutes for women of continuous sparring, with 30. Shuai jiao shuai chiao and qin na chin na techniques are part of the more advanced studies taught at the academy. Fundamentals of shuai chiao chihsiu daniel weng on.

Training in shuai jiao makes one better prepared for a street confrontation. All of the throws end up with the tori or thrower being on their feet. I was told by my shinshii at a recent seminar that many of the techniques we use in tegumi comes from shuai jiao. Modern shuai jiao evolved from an ancient form of battlefield combat. Traditional martial arts club for sport, combat and fitness. Plus, hes a collegiate national wrestling champion ncaa 2, 1985 and world kung fu shuaichiao champion beijing, 1997. Okinawa fighting arts are composed of a set of civil combative methodologies that include striking with hands and feet, agrarian and aboriginal weapons, control, seizing and grappling techniques, resuscitation and therapeutic practices. Chin na practice is a personal choice among chinese ma sifus. Kungfu wushu was comes grouped on four named to you. Wang, deciple of the grand master chang, dong sheng the chinese wrestling king, has forty years of martial arts experience and has won competitions in the united states and china, including three time united states heavy weight champion in shuai chiao 1982, 1983, 1984. The system is similar to other modern martial arts ranking systems, with the. We are a us based nonprofit organization dedicated to the global preservation and promotion of shuaijiao.

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