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Hematometra medical definition merriamwebster medical. Uterine infections are usually ascending stds or else associated with foreign bodies in the uterus, such as an iud rare with modern iuds. A rare case of mullerian agenesis presented with acute abdomen. Hematometra e hiperplasia endometrial quistica en una perra. Hematometra is an accumulation of blood within the uterus. Hematometra causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. Suspected hematometra possible by comparing history with complaints of sudden cessation of blood discharge after intrauterine intervention, a feeling of heaviness and cramping in the abdomen. Partial mullerian agenesis presenting as hematometra and. It is most commonly caused by an imperforate hymen or a transverse vaginal septum. My dr only did ablation sunder general it was at the last appointment before the procedure that he went over the risks.

It is not definitive but can identify cysts associated with endometriosis, uterine tissue growing outside the uterus. If cyclic or chronic lower pelvic pain occurs after surgery in menstruating women or among women taking hormone replacement therapy, scarring or narrowing of the endometrial cavity may be the cause. Hematometra is a pathologic collection of blood in the uterus. Acquired causes are senile atrophy of endocervical canal, scarring of the isthmus by synechiae, radiation and endocervical malignancy or due to surgical. Hematometra is a medical condition involving collection or retention of blood in the uterus. If you would like a large, unwatermarked image for your web page or blog, please purchase the appropriate license. When there is concurrent uterine distention, the term hematometrocolpos is used. Hematocolpos is a term given to a bloodfilled dilated vagina due to menstrual blood in the setting of an anatomical obstruction, usually an imperforate hymen. We present an unusual case of hematometra in a healthy and active adolescent female with no prior risk factors. We describe the case of an adolescent girl with agenesis of the upper twothirds of the. Commonest congenital causes are imperforate hymen and transverse vaginal septum. We performed extirpative operation to save the life of patient. It is a rare condition that is most commonly associated with congenital anomalies or prior surgical procedures causing an obstruction of the genitourinary outflow tract.

Premenopausal women with hematometra often experience abnormal vaginal bleeding, including dysmenorrhea pain during menstruation or amenorrhea lack of menstruation, while. Patients may also report urinary frequency and urinary retention. The ablation is promoted as being a simple procedure that can be done in one day and then all your problems are cured. Hematometra problems with blood evacuation of the uterus, leading to its accumulation in the body. Reprinted in the ivis website with the permission of the sevc. Hematometra article about hematometra by the free dictionary. Hematometra and hematocolpos, secondary to cervical. I am wondering if this is actually a hematometra and radiologist who read ultrasound report just doesnt know how to identify it as this is not a commonly seen issue. Uterovaginal malformations uvm are due to an alteration in the process of. Information and translations of hematometra in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Patients may notice a hematometra in the form of abnormal uterine bleeding or spotting.

It is most commonly caused by an imperforate hymen or a transverse. Hematometra typically presents as cyclic, cramping pain in the midline of the pelvis or lower abdomen. Hematometry definition of hematometry by medical dictionary. Hematometra resulting from partial or complete obstruction of lower genital tract may be congenital or acquired. Hematometra in uterus didelphys with right hemivagina and right renal agenesis article pdf available in journal of obstetrics and gynecology of india 612. Transvaginal ultrasonography of a hematometra after childbirth, seen as a hypoechoic darker area within the uterine cavity. Vaginoplasty was performed in the same sitting to drain peritoneal cavity and for coital function. New classification of herlynwernerwunderlich syndrome hematometra associated with ps eudocyesis and uterine torsion in a dog. So they did not see the hematometra on the ultrasound.

Gomez arzapalo e, perez mendizabal a, herrera avalos i, et al. There can be a number of potential causes for this condition and treatment is dependent on finding the source of the blood. Recurrent hematometra and hematocolpos due to cervical. Medications are generally used first including antiinflammatories including ibuprofennaproxen, but generally hormone therapy is. Hematometra in uterus didelphys with right hemivagina and. Editor tools create a new page become an editor editors help menu create a page edit a page upload a picture or file printable version maintain pages what pages link here quality improvement. Hematometra formation a rare complication of cesarean. Hematometra and hematosalpinx occurred in some more severely affected patients, as well as bleeding in the periadnexal and peritoneal space. Cervical agenesis or aplasia is a rare mullerian anomaly with incidence of 1 in 80,000 to 1,00,000 live births. Approximately 1% to 2% of women who undergo operative hysteroscopy. Hematometra definition of hematometra by medical dictionary.

Hematometra is a clinical term describing an accumulation of blood in the uterus. You may not embed one of our images on your web page without a link back to our site. I had the procedure scheduled and had all the preop blood work done and the endometrial biopsy first. It may develop after birth, abortion, intrauterine interventions. Addis count the determination of the number of erythrocytes, leukocytes, epithelial cells, and casts, and the protein content in an aliquot of a 12hour urine specimen. Case report endometrial carcinoma presenting as hematometra mimicking a large pelvic cyst mingping wu, md,1,2 chungchieng wu, md,3 fongming chang, md, phd,4 ernest y. Hematometra is an infrequent late complication of operative hysteroscopy.

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