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Milk and honey are symbolic of israel, viewed as a rich and promising country the promised land. According to, an abundance of milk in livestock signifies that the pasture is fertile, as are fruit trees when there is an abundance of honey exodus 3. Read the accompanying newsletter for april 2004 the bible teaches that all people are sinners even christians who have a relationship with christ. The book of daniel was written by the prophet daniel. First, they are given to humankind before the days of noah. He was surely well versed in the scriptures available in his day. This book takes its name not from the author, who is actually unknown, but from its hero, who was allegedly among the first jews deported to babylon, where he lived at least until 538 b. The daniel diet, inspired by the biblical prophet daniel, has become a popular diet among some u. Why daniel refused the kings food bible studies at the. His book is included in the canon of sacred jewish writings. Bible based belly fat breakthrough faith biblical diet absolutely watch. Jordan rubin says a diet based on the bible and eating the. Daniel 1 niv daniels training in babylon bible gateway. The text doesnt make clear exactly what was objectionable about the diet.

King nebuchadnezzar, king of babylon, requested that certain children he. In the biblical narrative of the first chapter of the book of daniel. And yet that same bible has helped 15,000 members of rick warrens saddleback megachurch drop a collective 260,000 lbs. The daniel fast is based on two passages from the old testament book of daniel chapters 1 and 10, with influence from traditional jewish fasting laws. And we have not obeyed the voice of the lord our god by walking in his laws which he set before us through his servants the prophets. Today, the biblebased daniel diet is used as a 21day fast that includes not just vegetables, but legumes, fruits, nuts, grains and seeds also. The book of daniel has sometimes been classified with the prophetic books of the old testament, a mistake owing largely to a failure to distinguish between the predominant characteristics of prophetic and apocalyptic writings. There is absolutely no bible basis for teaching that gods laws of clean and unclean have been abolished and therefore can be ignored in the diet of a christian. Daniel chapter 2 outlines human history from the mid6th century bc until the return of jesus christ. Turning to the bible for weight loss with the daniel diet abc news. He was simply being obedient to god by avoiding foods that were off limits to his people.

Effect of a 21 day daniel fast on metabolic and cardiovascular. Daniel fast islamic dietary laws kashrut jewish dietary laws. The clean and unclean foods are clearly defined in leviticus 11 and deuteronomy 14. The latter seems to have been passed down through the royal family for the instruction of.

The king answered and said, the thing stands fast, according to the law of the. The bible also contains a few accounts of people eating highly unusual and supernatural foods. The bible is confirming in daniels story that the vegetarian diet is unhealthy. Daniels work and integrity set him apart from many of the others. The book implies that daniel was its author in several passages, such as 9. Daniel 8 continues the trend in chapters 2 and 7, this time. Its a type of partial fast that focuses very heavily on vegetables and other healthy whole foods but leaves out any animal sources of protein. Many users of this biblically based fasting method. These he carried off to the temple of his god in babylonia and put in the. I, daniel, perceived in the books the number of years that, according to the. In more mundane language, it is an account of the activities and visions of daniel, a noble jew exiled at babylon, its message being that just as the god of israel saved daniel and his friends from their enemies, so. Impressive results of the biblical daniel diet drcarney. The book the bible diet is a nutritional guide and a spiritual guide on how to get and maintain a healthy lifestyle as well as a way to prevent disease and sickness in your life as well as for your family and friends.

The daniel fast prescribes the vegan diet in that it excludes the consumption of. The bible is loaded with valuable insights for every area of your life. Neither have we obeyed the voice of the lord our god, to walk in his laws, which he. Daniel 7 parallels and expands upon chapter 2, revealing both the papal phase of the roman empire an. Daniel 1 new international version niv daniels training in babylon. Daniel 33043399 457362 bce was a celebrated jewish scholar and master interpreter of dreams who was exiled to babylon after the destruction of the holy temple in jerusalem. Daniel belongs to the latter group, a type of writing that in many respects sharply contrasts prophetic literature.

He ends up taking back the cream of the crop, the most elite and noble israelites, to serve at his court in babylon. But so many people who profess to be christians say that the dietary law is done away with. Top ten myths about nutrition and diet in the bible. The daniel diet, inspired by the biblical prophet daniel, has become a. Daniel was proving that his god would perform a miracle by keeping him healthy even though he ate an unhealthy diet consisting only of vegetables.

His early education probably emphasized the five books of moses and the book of proverbs. Strictly speaking, the book does not belong to the prophetic writings but rather to a distinctive type of literature known as apocalyptic, of which it is an early specimen. We have not obeyed the lord our god or kept the laws he gave us through his servants the prophets. The makers diet or the bible diet is a food diet promoted on radio and in books by writer and. The daniel fast is a religious partial fast that is popular among evangelical protestants in north america in which meat, wine, and other rich foods are avoided in favor of vegetables and water for typically three weeks in order to draw the believer closer to god.

The distinction between what is clean and unclean will still be extant in the end time when god judges babylon revelation 18. Then, the lord tells his people that they will be diseasefree if they follow his laws exodus 15. Whether you package the plan as clean eating or a biblical eating plan, its all the same even a bible diet food list can become our law and the law cannot change our hearts. Over the years i have come to see diets for what they really are. The book of daniel begins with king nebuchadnezzar, the ruler of babylon, ransacking jerusalem.

To be clear, daniel wasnt actually fasting in chapter 1. The fast is based on the lifelong kosher diet of the jewish hero daniel in the biblical book of daniel and the threeweek. There are two references to fasting in the biblical book of daniel from which the daniel fast is drawn. He was taken on the first of three steps to overthrow jerusalem which happened in 605 b.

This summary of the book of daniel provides information about the title, authors, date of writing, chronology, theme, theology, outline, a brief overview, and the chapters of the book of daniel. Why daniel refused the kings food bible studies at the moorings. An interesting story concerning food is found in this first book of daniel. Dr mays has a great way to show that the health laws and the health lifestyle that was recoreded in the old testament is as. Daniel prophesied after he was taken to babylon with the first captives. According to two passages in the bible, daniel fasted twice. The god of the bible, jesus christ gave man a dietary law that is to last throughout all generations. Then said daniel to melzar, whom the prince of the eunuchs had set over daniel, hananiah, mishael, and azariah, prove thy servants. Rubin is a nutritionist and a naturopath, but his makers diet, based on the health precepts jordan found in the bible, is not a product of his advanced degrees, but his own illness. There are two distinct sets of torah laws that deal with food. In the story, daniel abandoned the kings rich food and fasted, eating only simple foods like vegetables and drinking water in order to honor god.

Part of the bibles old testament, leviticus was written by moses as a guide for holy living and spiritual growth, and it includes laws pertaining to diet. This complete grocery list consists of spices, fruits, vegetables, seeds, grains, fish, fowl, meats and other strange foods and drinks mentioned in the bible. Turning to the bible for weight loss with the daniel diet. Study it as closely as you want, and youll never find anything remotely approaching 10 tips to drop 10 pounds. Protestant congregations to help encourage healthy eating. The only way a person can use any of these passages to prove the nullifying of the dietary laws is to. Book of daniel from the king james version of the bible. Pastor jr cofer continues his daniel diet series exploring ancient health secrets and blessings from gods book. Michael greger discusses the results of the daniel diet eaten as seen in the book of daniel, chapter 1, verses 816 of the bible. He was chosen out to learn the language, and to work in the kings palace. He was one of 3 administrators over the kingdom of the medes and persians.

At the end of 10 days, all four youths were found to be healthier than those who had eaten the kings food, and daniel continued this diet during his threeyear training. Daniel and his friendsshadrach, meshach, and abednegohave to navigate between the demands nebuchadnezzar is putting on them and. The term chaldeans has always presented a bit of a problem for bible interpreters as. The daniel fast or daniel diet is based upon the prophet daniels dietary and spiritual experiences as recorded in the book of daniel in the bible. It involves a 21 day ad libitum food intake period, devoid of animal. The smart guides to the bible let you easily uncover them alleven the passages you once thought were hard to understand.

They say that when jesus was crucified he ended the laws in the old testament. Fruits, vegetables and whole grains are the basis of the leviticus diet, which recommends you not eat unclean meat, including pork and shellfish, and suggests you limit your intake of. The daniel fast or daniel diet is based upon the prophet daniel s dietary and spiritual experiences as recorded in the book of daniel in the bible. Bible based belly fat breakthrough faith biblical diet.

Kings grazing on grass, godly men thrown to the lions, goldenheaded statues with feet of clayexplore an amazing mix of inspiring history and perplexing prophecy with this clear and clever guide. Part of the section of the bible referred to as ketuvim the writings see the torah, it is an apocalyptic book, like the book of revelations in the new testament. Daniels objection to the diet was undoubtedly based on an explicit prohibition in the word of god. He carried these off to the land of shinar, a to the house of his god, where he put them into the treasury. But daniel resolved that he would not defile himself with the kings food, or with the. Daniel resisted the rich diet that was required for all trainees, refusing to defile himself daniel 1. The daniel fast is a widely utilized fast based on the biblical book of daniel. The other main dietary law taken from the bible is also taken from leviticus. Foods in the bible daniel refused kings food food laws. The law of moses forbids food derived from the flesh of unclean animals. The book of daniel is a 2ndcentury bc biblical apocalypse combining a prophecy of history with an eschatology a portrayal of end times cosmic in scope and political in focus.

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