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This page contains official 20202021 waec and jamb subject combination admission requirements for microbiology, including the list of nigeria universities offering this course, a level requirements and much more. Characterization of the upper cretaceous sediments in the. In southwestern nigeria, afowo formation is the main petroliferous formation. This book provides a detailed description of nigerias geology and mineral resources with the aim of promoting sustainable economic development of nigerias. Gehlen would become the first chief of west german intelligence bnd and hold the position until 1968. Southwestern energy uses cookies on this site with your consent to analyze our traffic and optimize your user experience.

Unlike the europeans of columbuss time, we now know the world we live in did not always look like it does now, and it will change in the future as well. B 5363 adoekiti author for correspondence abstract the geology, stream sediment geochemical survey and groundwater quality evaluation of okemesi and environs, southwestern, nigeria was carried out. The study area is within the niger delta basin in southern nigeria. The western3, southwestern and southern boundaries of the anambra basin have however, been inferred to be. The first logo contained the company name against a backdrop of wooden derricks set among the santa susana mountains that loomed over pico canyon. These generations of canyon show that avon canyon has undergone several episodes of cut and fill. This one provides a spectrum sweep of key publications over.

Quartzite, bandedgneiss, biotitegneiss, biotiteschist, quartzbiotite schist and pegmatite. Geology and mineral resources of oyo state, south western nigeria. History, geology, and politics of livermore oil, alan k. Geology and mineral resources in oyo state geology oyo state is located in the southwestern part of nigeria and is underlain by three lithological units of the crystalline basement complex which wholly belong to the precambriancambrian basement complex fig. Properties, genesis, classification, capability and. Jelsma encyclopedia of life support systems eolss the worldwide 1. What is now dry land, may have been an ocean thousands of years ago.

The geology and engineering geology of roads in south africa. Thirty 30 boreholes were examined and samples were collected from these boreholes. Iwaraja area, southwestern nigeria showed that the basement rocks comprise quartzites and quartz. Effect of vegetation cover on soil genesis in ife area, southwestern nigeria.

Geological and structural interpretation of adoekiti southwest and. Both have been described extensively by several authors in southwestern nigeria. Proceedings of the 38th annual conference of soil science society of nigeria, march 1014, 2014, uyo, nigeria, pp. A, 1996 geochemistry and geotectonic setting of precambrian amphibolites and granitic gneisses in the jebba area, southwestern nigeria. Sep 17, 2016 adejuwon and odekunle found the start of the little dry season over sw nigeria between 15 and 25 july, sultan and janicot showed it beginning around early july at 5n, and nguyen et al. Case study of aagba and en international journal of research. Assessment of groundwater system characteristics in ilorin. The mystara magazine is a noncommercial, fanproduced magazine. The extent in any given groundwater region, is defined by the limits of a group of rock types with similar hydrogeological conditions. Groundwater contamination in the basementcomplex area of ileife, southwestern nigeria. Regional geology of nigeria geology, nigeria the mapped area falls within the benue trough the oldest sedimentary rocks in nigeria is in this trough and they are of lower cretaceous age. Cambodia, country of the indochinese mainland of southeast asia, bordered to the west and northwest by thailand, to the northeast by laos, to the east and southeast by vietnam, and to the southwest by the gulf of thailand. G2 1department of geosciences, university of lagos, lagos, nigeria. How are mountains formed 2 mountains plate tectonics.

Engineering geological evaluation of a proposed landfill. The area of study is located in southwestern nigeria, some few meters to bakatari. The implication of subsoil geology in foundation failure using geotechnical methods. Evaluation of a location at abakulodi adjacent to kilometre 8 along the ibadan ileife expressway, southwestern nigeria was carried out to determine its suitability or otherwise as a landfill site. Geology from geological survey of nigeria gsn, 1964, scale 1. Nigerias frontier basinsunrealized rift system hydrocarbon. Iosr journal of applied geology and geophysics iosrjagg eissn. The geology of nigeria formed beginning in the archean and proterozoic eons of the precambrian. Geological distribution of mineral resources in southwestern nigeria adekoya, j. World oil provides news, oil prices, data, statistics, shale reports and upstream industry trends relating to the exploration, drilling, completion and production of oil and gas, both onshore and.

Seismic stratigraphy and development of avon canyon in benin. Journal of environmental sciences and resource management, 51. They have their origins in the multiphased rift systems that were formed during the breakup of gondwanaland in early cretaceous time. These lineaments commonly sepa rate distinctive patterns on the mosaics into structural blocks. One, is the relative dependence placed on effective judgments of experienced workers, as compared to that placed on any predetermined geologic models or apparent implications of data sets. Pdf this paper presents new petrostructural data and a detailed geological map of the ifeilesha area, a classical schist belt in southwest. The overall synmetamorphic flatlying structures, recumbent folding and associated strong boudinage of the mafic and ultramafic rocks are the result of panafrican synmetamorphic stacking of thrust. The niger delta is one of the most prolific hydrocarbon provinces in the world. Professor of hydrogeology and environmental geology, university of ibadan. At the end of the 15 th century portugal was literally obsessed with discovering the seaway to india sending one expedition after another.

Sidelooking radar imagery should be useful for the interpretation of the regional geology. This paper presents new petrostructural data and a detailed geological map of the ifeilesha area, a classical schist belt in southwest nigeria. Geoelectric characterization of aquiferous units and its. Geology and mineral resources of oyo state, south w estern. Geophysical evaluation of magnetic data of okenugbo area. Linkpage citation nigeria is on the west coast of africa, on latitudes 4degrees north of the equator and latitudes 3degrees and 14degrees on the east of the greenwich meridian. The country forms the nigerian province and more than half of its surface is igneous and metamorphic crystalline basement rock from the precambrian. This is the largest city in the whole of africa in terms of geographical mass. Contains details on the geological units of nigeria and the associated mineral resources. Geology and petrochemistry of granitic pegmatite in jemaa. Gisbased integrated groundwater potential assessment of osun drainage basin, southwestern nigeria akinwumiju, a. Geophysical bvaluation of magnetic data of okenugbo area, agoiwoye, southwestern nigeria h. The terrain in the study area is moderately undulating, with. Geological characteristics and petrographic analysis of.

Precambrian geology of nigeria including the southwestern nigerian basement complex. It is a part of the basement complex of nigeria which forms one of the three major lithopetrologic units that make up the geology of nigeria. Global research centre for research on globalization. Pages in category geology of nigeria the following 12 pages are in this category, out of 12 total. Ps shelftobasin architecture and depositional trends, missourianwolfcampian strata of the eastern shelf of the southern midland basin, west texas, tucker hentz, william ambrose, and h. There had, however, been strong tendencies in the past to merge the anambra basin with the niger delta basin as one extensive coastal basin or simply to, consider one an extension of the other 4. The benue trough is one of the seven main sedimentary structural features in the sene nigeria.

Tgs offers a diverse portfolio of onshore projects in key shale basins across north and latin america, including canada, us and mexico, delivering an expansive suite of multiclient seismic, well data and interpretive products. Pdf structural geology of the basement complex rocks in. Geology and geotectonic setting of the basement complex rocks. Waec gce past questions and answers free download pdf all. The two rivers merge inside bangladesh and flow about 150 km as the padma the local name inside bangladesh before joining with the meghna and flowing into the bay of bengal figure 1. Near wwiis end, allen protected nazi intelligence chief for the eastern front, major general reinhard gehlen, from war crimes trials and would later merge gehlens operatives and network into the cias operation. Contributing factors in the ongoing water conflict between. Geology and geotectonic setting of the basement complex. Borehole failures in crystalline rocks of southwestern. Oct 01, 2011 the discovery of cape of good hope a geographic location with one of the most romantic names in the world is due to portuguese navigator bartolomeu dias.

Elizabethan publishing company, 1976 geology 436 pages. An annotated bibliography of haitis geology, geography and earth science see other formats. There are considerable groundwater and surface water resources available in nigeria. Airborne magnetic datasets over adoekiti southwest sheet 244 was.

Pdf on apr 30, 2016, akinola shola akinwumiju and others published automated lineament mapping from remotely sensed data. Chevrons earliest predecessor, pacific coast oil co. Ermelo barberton musina louis trichardt rustenburg thabazimbi vryburg pofadder port nolloth vanrhynsdorp vredenburg worcester laingsburg oudtshoorn grahamstown. Pdf an overview of the geology and hydrogeology of nigeria. Geology and mineral resources of oyo state, south western. Seismic facies analysis in this part of the benin dahomey basin in southwestern nigeria has revealed the existence of three generations of ancient submarine canyons i, ii and iii, the last canyon iv being currently developed.

For more information, including about cookies we use without your consent, go to our cookie policy. Marco, national university of cordoba, argentina and. The work embodied in this dissertation is original and has not been submitted in part or in full for any other diploma. The planet earth has gone through periods of glaciations and melting. Please see wikipedias template documentation for further citation fields. Significant of geology and geophysical investigations in. Description and geological setting the study area figs. Nigerias under explored and poorly understood frontier basins include the nigeria, chad, bida, dahomey, sokoto, and benue basins. Geological mapping, petrological study and structural. Geology of agoiwoye lies a few kilometers away from the contact between the basement complex and the sedimentary terrain as shown in figure 2a.

Waec and jamb utme subject combinations for microbiology. It was organized by the oman ministry of commerce and industry, together with sultan qaboos university and unesco, and was attended by more that 600 delegates. Introduction this study is focused on the significant of geologic mapping and integrated geophysical methods in assessing the groundwater prospect of a typical basement terrain in some parts of southwestern nigeria. The geology, stream sediment geochemical survey and. Iyanaiyesi and canaan land area of ota, southwestern nigeria figs. Nigerias most expansive topographical region is that of the valleys of the niger and benue river valleys which merge into each other and form a y shape. Geoelectric assessments of the bauxite ore deposit at orinekiti, southwestern nigeria article pdf available in international journal of applied environmental sciences 142.

Southwestern energy provides form 10q on companys website. Both crystalline and sedimentary rocks were represented in the study area. L54 2007 301dc22 2005056637 printed in the united states of america. The application of integrated geophysical methods in oil sand exploration in agbabu area of southwestern nigeria j. It overlies the ise formation and consists of coarse to medium grained sandstones with thick intercalations of shales, siltstones and pyritised clay. According to 11, the basal part of the formation consists of well sorted subrounded fluviatile sand with mixed. Enugu shale in anambra basin, south eastern, nigeria anozie h. Thirtytwo points were sounded along three different sections of the town namely. The sedimentary facies outcropping some parts of the ise formation, dahomey basin as exposed in.

The onset and cessation of seasonal rainfall over africa. The application of integrated geophysical methods in oil. Pdf geoelectric assessments of the bauxite ore deposit at. It shares boundaries with the republics of benin and niger in the west, cameroon in the east, niger and chad in the north and. Geology and petrochemistry of granitic pegmatite in jemaa pegmatite field, kaduna state ahmed isah haruna doctoral thesis dissertation geography earth science geology, mineralogy, soil science publish your bachelors or masters thesis, dissertation, term paper or essay. A geological map identifies and shows the distribution of various rock types in area. Out of 111 other borehole records supplied by three other drillers. Water quality evaluation of okemesi area, southwestern nigeria olusiji samuel ayodele department of geology, ekiti state university, p. Since the creation of the geological survey of nigeria in 1903, numerous studies have been carried out on various aspects of the geology and mineral resources of nigeria. Ifeilesha area, a classical schist belt in southwest nigeria. Geology dating of the oldest rocks in south africa has provided an age of about 3. The international conference on the geology of oman was held on january 1216, 2001, at sultan qaboos university, muscat, sultanate of oman. Research article assessment of groundwater potential based on.

Pdf an overview of the geology and hydrogeology of. Case study osun drainage basin, southwestern nigeria find, read and. Nearly every day, people ask what our companys formula means. These samples were subjected to chemical analyses to determine both cations and anions compositions of the groundwater. The sedimentary rocks which underlie about 4,000square miles 6,400km2 were mapped and described by jones 1964 while jones and hockey. The occurrence of groundwater in nigeria is dependant primarily on the geology, and groundwater regions can be classified accordingly. Department of geology, anambra state university, uli, anambra state, nigeria author for correspondence abstract source rock thermal maturation of campanian enugu shale in anambra basin, southeastern nigeria was assessed by rockeval pyrolysis. Cluster path and word type count words most frequent 00000 827 to 000010 1832 s 0000110 512 and. W ater resources inventory of southwestern nigeria sho ws that water supplies are mostly from surface sources, such as dams and weirs in streams and rivers. A rahaman, 4 conclusion geologically, the study area falls within the precambrian basement rocks of southwestern nigeria 5 with six major lithologic units namely. Early studies focused on the development of a mineral inventory for the country. Ayinla folorunsho musbau 1 1 department of geology, the polytechnic, ibadan, nigeria.

By clicking accept, you consent to the use of cookies. The federation comprises 36 states and 1 federal capital territory, where the capital, abuja, is located. Assessment of groundwater quality in a typical rural settlement in south west nigeria. Geochemical analysis of shallow groundwater from ilorin metropolis was carried out with the aim of assessing the hydrogeochemical characteristics of the groundwater. How are mountains formed 2 free download as powerpoint presentation. Vertical electrical sounding method was employed and schlumberger configuration was adopted. There is no intention to infringe on anyones rights, and in particular not on those of wizards of the coast. No matter where you are in your career, we would welcome you and encourage you to consider joining our community. This assessment is required for groundwater resource development planning as well as monitoring.

Geology map dem lithology slope lineament density groundwater potential zone map river density categorical continuouscontinuous accuracy comparison surveyed tube wells grade classication landsat 8 oli topography decision tree model generation with decision tree algorithm 5. Geologic mapping of the study area revealed three dominant lithologic units namely. The iwaraja area constitutes part of the ilesha schist belts in southwestern part of the nigerian basement complex, a part of the african crystalline shield. Structural geology of the basement complex rocks in. This reveals the resultant orientation impacted by combine effect of pan. Geophysical study of the northeastern part of owo was conducted to investigate the geoelectric characteristics of its aquiferous units and its implication on groundwater potential of the area. Olaleye3 1department of physics, olabisi onabanjo university, agoiwoye, nigeria 2deapartment of chemical, geological and physical sciences, kwara state university, malete, nigeria 3department of earth sciences, faculty of pure and applied science. Groundwater potential assessment in a sedimentary terrain. Boreholes drilled in the crystalline rocks of nigeria have a reputation of failures and low yields. Regionally, the geology of the area belongs to the basement complex of nigeria, the area is characterised by metamorphic rocks which include migmatized gneiss, banded gneiss and porphyroblastic gneiss. Our expert integration of well data, high resolution seismic, basin wide modeling, advanced processing technologies. The eburnean event is marked by the emplacement of the ibadan granite gneiss in southwestern nigeria which has been dated 2500200ma rahaman 1988 and a pink granite gneiss at ileife southwestern nigeria dated 1875ma using upb on zircon.

Camillus residential healthcaresyracuse, ny stairways behavioral healtherie, pa thanks to each of our preceptors and. This particular schist belt has been recognized as a pan african ensialic mobile belt derived from an aulacogen, and is connected with the ocean 1 4. Nigeria is a vast country with considerable wealth in natural resources and understanding nigerias geology is critical for efficient exploration and exploitation of these resources. Olusiji samuel ayodele department of geology, ekiti state university, p. Part 1 discusses the geology of the crystalline rocks and their regional distribution while the sedimentary basins constitute the subject of part 2. The stratigraphy of the cretaceous and cenozoic deposits. Ako 2 1department of applied geophysics, federal university of technology, akure, nigeria 2department of geology, obafemi awolowo university, ileife, nigeria accepted 03 september, 2012. Fall t r s9 edition volume u, issue s cshp newsletter. Its coast in the south is located on the gulf of guinea in the atlantic ocean.

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