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Fuel ethanol trade measurements and conversions fuel ethanol unit v u. Natural gas engines and fueling systems are also available for some heavyduty vehicles. Plastics are typically polymers of high molecular mass, and may contain other substances to improve performance andor reduce costs. Fuel consumption conversion calculator for mpg and liters.

Convert tonne of oil equivalent to hundred cubic foot of natural gas t oil to, fuel economy metric conversion using converterin. Fuel conversion the gf 370 dv gas stove is shipped from the factory equipped to burn either natural or propane gas. However, the technoeconomic evaluation plays an important role in the commercial success of the plasticstofuel conversion. Development and modernization have brought about a huge increase in the production of all kinds of commodities. Conversion of waste plastics to fuel a project by deepak kumar.

The break up of the cost for per kg input of the plastic and the related output for the same is depicted in the table process for 1 kg input and yield of the output reference. It uses less energy than previous methods, and produces a higher quality end product. S 21906114029 sri venkateswara college of engineering sriperumbudur 602105 oct 4, 2015 1 2. The processing of plastic waste into fuel conversion is done using a plastic waste machine.

File c687 page 3 oil equivalents a barrel metric ton of oil equivalent is a unit of energy based on the approximate energy released by burning one barrel metric ton of crude oil. Plus, you can get hundreds of dollars in rebates through national fuels gas heating conversion rebate program. Business models for conversion of waste plastic to fuel. Thermal conversion of waste plastics into fuel oil volume 2 issue 8 2017 as olufemi,1 sa olagboye2 1department of chemicalpetroleum engineering, niger delta university, wilberforce island, nigeria 2department of chemistry, ekiti state university, nigeria correspondence. Fuel economy and emissions of a vehicle equipped with an. April 2012 prepared by oak ridge national laboratory oak ridge, tennessee 378316283 managed by utbattelle, llc for the u. Plastic to fuel conversion process conversion of plastic. Vehicle downtime the time required to perform an aftermarket conversion varies depending on the complexity of. Ethanol flexible fuel vehicle conversion kits rising gasoline prices and concerns about climate change have greatly increased public interest in ethanol use. The technique breaks down polyethylene the most abundant plastic in the world, used to make everything from plastic film and food packaging, to water bottles and shopping bags. The future cost of electricitybased synthetic fuels en pdf 2 mb. Biogas plant with integrated gas holding tank under a soft top. Conversion of plastic wastes into fuels antony raja and advaith murali.

Fuel conversion kits are available to convert to the alternate fuel. We observe the highest standards of safety, quality, reliability and environmental sustain ability in all of our manufacturing and conversion operations. Also, plastics are classified by their chemical structure of the polymers backbone and side chains. Table 1 alternative fuels conversion pathways and subtechnologies. Epa600276039 february 1976 environmental protection technology series chemistry of fuel nitrogen conversion to nitrogen oxides in combustion industrial environmental research laboratory office of research and development u.

Converting plastic into fuel in 3 easy steps this hyderabad engineer is doing it. Preliminary study on the conversion of different waste plastics into fuel oil yasabie abatneh, omprakash sahu abstract. Renewable jet fuel conversion pathways on the caafi fuel readiness level frl. The present rate of economic growth is unsustainable without saving of fossil energy like crude oil, natural gas, or coal. Waste plastic management is biggest problem now due to their nonbiodegradability nature. Fuel economy and emissions of a vehicle equipped with an aftermarket flexiblefuel conversion kit john f. August 14, 2015 this is a part of our plan for reducing plastic pollution impacts. Pages businesses nonprofit organization clean oceans international videos. Also, suitable waste management strategy is another important aspect. The different conversion numbers used by the stakeholders involved in the fuel. Use these conversion factors to calculate the gasoline gallon equivalent gge of alternative fuels.

At present, the field of solid waste management is becoming more closely aligned with resource management, and this is occurring in large part because the way we view waste is dramatically shifting. Conversion of ldpe plastic waste into liquid fuel by thermal degradation 105 broadly, classification of plastics includes highdensity polyethylene, lowdensity polyethylene, polypropylene and polystyrene. These conversion factors help state and alternative fuel provider fleets report their compliance with energy policy act epact requirements using the alternative compliance method. Regulatory treatment of manufacturing facilities that. Sudan university of science and technology khartoum,sudan sudan. Contact us to ask a question, provide feedback, or report a problem. Satish kumar, who is a mechanical engineer, has been turning plastic into fuel since 2016 and has so far cleared 50 tonnes of plastic in his unit. Plastic waste is converted into automotive diesel fuel via a twostep. Meet the hyderabad man converting dead plastic into. Do you have or could you do a petrol conversion calculator that could tell me what the miles per gallon mileage is on new car listings when it only says the litres per 100.

The conversion of waste plastic into fuel is a chemical process of breaking down large molecules of plastic into smaller molecules of oil, gas and carbon black. Waste plastics to fuel conversion using pyrolysis 1. Applicability of nsps and psd requirements to a proposed fuel conversion pdf 3 pp, 18 k this document is part of the nsr policy and guidance database. Review of biojet fuel conversion technologies nrel. Scientists have come up with a new way to turn plastic waste into liquid fuel. Alternate strategies for conversion of waste plastic to fuels. What fleets need to know about alternative fuel vehicle. Natural gas vehicle conversions provide options beyond what is available from original equipment manufacturers oems. Gas heating conversion rebate program 40 washington st. Biomass can be converted into heat and electricity in a number of ways.

It provides guidelines for how state policymakers and regulators should classify and regulate facilities that convert postuse plastics into oil, fuels, chemical feedstocks, monomers and other useful products such as waxes and lubricants. In general, the conversion of waste plastic into fuel requires feed stocks which are nonhazardous and the composition of the plastics used as feedstock may be very different and some plastic particles might contain undesirable substances nitrogen, halogens, sulphur is hazardous to human beings. The kit contains all the necessary components needed to complete the task and ensure safe operation, including labels that must be affixed to the stove. Chemistry of fuel nitrogen conversion to nitrogen oxides. Convert to natural gas and heat your home for less. Karary university, sudan chemical engineering department. Oloughlin says this is misleading given that the plastics may only get used once before conversion into fuel. The objective of the work is the conversion of waste plastics into fuel oil. The plastic to fuel conversion process is as follows. Meet the hyderabad man converting dead plastic into petrol and diesel for over a year now, 45yearold satish has been turning dead plastic, into usable fuel. Scientists just turned plastic bottles and bags into. An aftermarket conversion is a vehicle or engine modified to operate using a different fuel or power source. For diesel fuel the findings are in line with previous and international results.

Conversion of plastic wastes into fuels antony raja and advaith murali department of chemical engineering, sri venkateswara college of engineering, sriperumbudur. Now conversion of waste plastic into fuel oil is one of the best means of recycling plastic waste. There are many alternatives to fossil energy such as biomass, hydropower, and wind energy. New technologies are being developed that allow more materials to be recovered and new value created. It used to be standard to see the fuel number on the pump, but a lot of gas stations do not state the fuel number anymore. Waste plastic to fuel machine adopts the pyrolysis technology to convert plastic waste to fuel oil. How to apply national fuels gas heating conversion rebate program january 1, 2016 december 31, 2016 page 1 of 5. Qualified service retrofitters qsrs can economically and reliably convert many light and mediumduty vehicles for natural gas operation. Conversion of plastic wastes into fuels 89 table 3 process brief for 1 kg input and the yield of output. A complement to plastic recycling executive summary the field of solid waste management continues to evolve and much of that evolution is driven by the adoption of new technologies that increase recovery capacity and processing capabilities. Note 3 fuel oil is a kind of product with a lot of classes and under classes as well as varying specifications in different markets. Directly converting co 2 into a gasoline fuel nature. More than 85 % of energy demands are supplied by fossil fuels. Gallons liters hectoliters cubic meters m3 metric tons weight equivalent metric tons oil energy equivalent mtoe oil barrel volume equivalent oil barrel energy equivalent.

Abstract biogas derived from anaerobic digestion of organic wastes, and lignocellulosic biomass can be used to produce drop. Dutch market fuel composition for ghg emissions emissieregistratie. Fuel consumption conversion calculator to convert mpg and liters per 100km this calculator was created in response to the following sent to me by a site visitor from canada. I have a 15 gallon poly fuel cell jazz with a rear sump and botom fittings that i have used with an inline pump in the past. This technology not only protects the environment, but also helps us to. Density if relevant, converting from weight to volume or converting from. A read is counted each time someone views a publication summary such as the title, abstract, and list of authors, clicks on a figure, or views or downloads the fulltext.

Electricitybased fuels are not an alternative to fossil fuels but they can supplement technologies with lower conversion. Waste plastic to fuel machine converting plastic into fuel. Therefore, conversion of these plastic wastes to usable oil is a growing and important field of study that can potentially mitigate the energy crisis. Input qty kg rate per kg amount rs output qty l rate per liter amount rs plastic 1. Fuel conversion instructions kit 157467 manual valve ng to lp kit 157468 manual valve lp to ng this conversion kit shall be installed by a qualified service agency in accordance with the manufacturers instructions and all applicable codes and requirements of the authority having jurisdiction. In 21st century due to the fossil fuel crisis in past decade, man kind has to focus on developing the alternate energy sources such as biomass, hydropower, geothermal. Vehicle manufacturers currently offer ethanol flexfuel vehicles ffvs in a wide variety of makes and models at little or no extra cost. Firstly, put raw materials into reactor by autofeeder, then heat the reactor with coalwoodnatural gasoil. Municipal solid waste management mswm constitutes one of the most crucial health and. August 2007 ethanol flexible fuel vehicle conversion kits. Conventional vehicles and engines from original equipment manufacturers oems can be converted to run on fuels like propane, natural gas, or electricity. Please consider supporting our effort to provide profitable motivation to steward plastic waste on a global basis.

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