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Page 27 the channel should be set mnaual as if it were receiving any line input signal. As a continuation of the 1604 series, the 1604 vlz is an extremely popular consumerlevel mixer from mackie. Service for mackie products living outside the united states can be obtained through local dealers or distributors. The price difference would probably be around 150 euro. Mackie 1604vlz pro 16channel mic line mixer reverb. It has 16 built in mic pres with both xlr inputs and 14 connections. Because were always trying to make things better, we reserve the right to change these specification at any time without notice. There are also four assignable channels as well, with auxiliary sends and controls on each of the sixteen main channels. Page 33 cut here c any internal modification of the cr must be performed by a competent electronic technician. Vlz s have a relatively transparent sound i guess would be the word. If your 1604vlz3 needs service, follow these instructions.

The original cr1604 was a gamechanging board when it came out in the late 80s and helped earn mackie a reputation for outstanding value. The old cr1604 is well known in electronic music production, it was used to mix many songs, legend same as the first 2 albums were made daft punk on a cr1604 or even. B 0814 1202vlz4 front and rear panel electronic files for this product are available at. We take pride in our awardwinning owners manuals pour alerter. This board is roughly 7 years old and hasnt shown any issues till today. View and download mackie cr1604 vlz owners manual online. Mackie cr1604 vlz line mixer other manual free download. Home the forums low end theory mackie 1604 vlz pro vs cr1604 gearslutz is partsupported by our visitors. Mackie cr1604 manual pdf get all the support information you want including manuals, spec sheets and other docs. It is a full four buss mixer so you have submix capabilities of sending to four discreet locations which is plenty for a modest home studio. Sr244vlz pro 24channel sound reinforcement console. Offering more bang for your buck, the redesigned vlz4 line now includes mackie s industryproven onyx preamps for crystalclear sonic clarity. View and download mackie 1604 vlz service manual online.

The vlz improved almost everything about the mixer, including real direct outputs, inserts on every channel, sweepable eq, 4 busses, better monitoring control, and cleaner signaltonoise specs. All other servicing should be referred to the mackie service department. The mackie 1604vlz4 16channel 4bus compact mixer includes a combination of onyx preamps and a highheadroom lownoise design. Mackie 1604vlz4 16channel 4bus compact mixer 1604vlz4. I compared my newer mackie 1202 vlz with the front end of a cassette recorder and a korg analogue delay, maybe another one too i dont remember and they basically all sounded the same. The new at5047 premier studio microphone purity transformed. Equipment is only available to faculty until further notice. Page 31 any internal modification of the cr must be performed by a competent electronic technician. I am currently using a mackie 1604 vlz for tracking and monitoring purposes. Mackie designs is always striving to improve our mixers by incorporating new and improved materials, components and manufacturing methods. Download free pdf for mackie cr1604vlz line mixer other. View and download mackie cr1604 vlz specifications online.

Electronic files for this product are available at. View and download mackie 1604 vlz pro owners manual online. Service manuals, schematics, eproms for electrical technicians. Home equipment loan guide research guides at williams. Mackie cr1604 sm service manual download, schematics. To open downloaded files you need acrobat reader or similar pdf reader program. Page 1 page 2 safety instructions page 3 description of controls page 4 page 5 channel strips page 6 page 7 page 8 output section page 9 page 10 page 11 page 12 page page 14 page 15 page 16 page 17.

I had a cr1604 and whilst yes it got you a particular sound ime a lot of the cheaper 80searly 90s transistor input stages sound very similar. This mackie product does not appear to operate normally or exhibits a marked change in performance. The cr1604 was replaced by the muchimproved 1604vlz, then the vlz pro, then more versions, all of which fixed this problem. This dvd pc and mac compatible contents more than 500 pdf files adobe reader xi. Since many of you folks will want to hook up your cr1604 vlz immediately, the first pages you will encounter after the table of contents are the ever popular hookup diagrams. All 16 channels feature an onyx microphone preamplifier, line input and insert in a compact 4bus design built for application flexibility and professional performance. Servicing the cr16604 should not attempt to service the cr beyond those means described in this operating manual. Cr1604 vlz owner manual cr1604 vlz service manual cr1604 vlz pro schematics cr3 schematics cr4 schematic d. C 0814 402vlz4 front and rear panel electronic files for this product are available at. Now that you have your cr1604 vlz, find out how to get the most from it.

Service for mackie products is available at a factoryauthorized service center. A legend in compact mixer design, performance, and durability, mackie vlz is the original nononsense mixer series. This mackie product has been dropped, or its chassis damaged. Sr244 vlz pro 24channel sound reinforcement console of 8 pages. When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. To prevent electric shock, do not use this polarized plug. Specifically, when i try to send signal out from the 14 jack to any speaker, it is fuzzydistortedcrackled. The information contained in this adobe acrobat pdf file is provided at your own risk and good judgment. Mackie vlz is the original nononsense mixer series. I was thinking about selling it and buying a secondhand 1604 vlz3. Servicing the user should not attempt to service this mackie product beyond those means described in this operating. Please place requests for equipment at least 24 hours in advance. The 14 main outs on my mackie 1402 vlz pro have started to act up. Each channel also has a three band parametric equalizer.

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